Sell Diabetic Test Strips For Cash in PA, NJ and DE

We pay cash for diabetic supplies throughout the Delaware Valley

Contact us today to sell your test strips @ (215) 646-6461.


  1. Option #1-(Ship Us Your Strips)
  2. Option #2 -(Request Pick Up In Philly)

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Here is a list of the strips we buy:

  • One Touch Ultra Blue & Verio
  • Freestyle Lite
  • Accu-Chek Aviva Plus & Accu-Chek SmartView
  • Bayer Contour & Bayer Contour Next

Strips should be 50 to 100 count boxes…unopened…unexpired…Like New.

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  3. Text Mike (215) 353-0460
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Choose Option #1 (FREE Shipping Label) or Option #2 (Meet us in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware, Lehigh Valley and Berks County)

  • Option #1: Ship to us for FREE.  We will pay in advance of receiving strips if you have a PayPal account and add $7 for you to mail them to us.  If you do not have a PayPal account, we will mail a check the same day we receive your test strips.  Or request a pre-printed 2 Day US Postal Priority Mail label, which we will send directly to your email as an attachment.   Then, simply print the label and tape it to a box (Priority Mail Boxes Are Free At Your Local Post Office) and secure your strips, so they do not get damaged during shipment.  Note:  We will not pay in advance of receiving strips, unless you have PayPal.  We will not Western Union, MoneyGram, etc, because if we never receive your strips or they are damaged or expired, we have no recourse paying with those methods.  PayPal protects buyers and sellers and refunds us if sellers do not send the strips or they somehow are lost in shipment, by refunding the buyer’s payment.  This is why we will only pay in advance if you have a PayPal account.  PayPal rocks!
  • Option #2: If you’d like to schedule diabetes strips pickup in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, Berks County, Lehigh County, New Castle County or Camden County, we will meet you for exchange of strips and cash. To set up an appointment to exchange strips for cash.

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Get Cash…Help Other Diabetics Test Affordably…Contribute To Diabetes Research

  • Get up to $30 per box for your unused strips
  • We will sell them to folks who can’t afford to pay the ridiculously high prices charged by retail chains and pharmacies (Up To 50% Off)
  • We donate a percentage on every batch we sell to fund diabetes research.
Let’s find a cure for Diabetes!  Every Dollar Counts!!

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FREE 2 Day Shipping, On us

Ship unused diabetic test strips to us, FREE!  We buy a 2 Day Ship Label and email it to you.  Ship the strips…Get Your Cash by Check or Paypal Deposit FAST!  (within two days)

The Safest, Most Secure Way to Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Stop throwing away unused Diabetic Test Strips. makes it easy to sell diabetic test strips for cash.  We can all use a little extra cash.  Right?

So many of our strip sellers throughout the United States come back to us over and over again, when they have extra, unused strips to sell.  We think it is because we make it easy and pay just a little more, than many test strip buyers.

If you live near Philadelphia, South Jersey, Allentown, Reading or Wilmington, DE call Mike Koller (215) 646-6461.  Set up a time and place that is convenient for you and we can exchange our cash for your test strips.

Then, we can get them into the hands of nice diabetic folks who maybe could not afford to test, if it wasn’t for programs like this, that resell strips for almost 50% off, when compared to the prices charged by the major discount store chains.

Finally, we take a small percentage of each sale and donate to Diabetes Research.

Let’s find a cure for this burdensome disease, that millions of nice people endure.

Turning your unused test strips into cash is completely legal.

Simply follow our 3 Steps for donating or selling them to

Click here to review our FAQs for answers to many of your questions.

Our goal is to get cash in your hands, fast.  This way you will use our service over and over, when you collect extra test strips that you cannot and will not use.

We will email you a pre-paid Priority 2 Day Shipping Label, already printed with our address.  All you have to do is put them in a box, tape our label onto it and ship your strips.

We will get your strips in 1 or 2 days and as long as they are not damaged and have at least 8 months to expiration date, we will pay you by PayPal or check.  You tell us.

Don’t waste these valuable diabetic supplies, when there are thousands of diabetics that can use them, but can’t afford to buy them at expensive retail prices.  Review the information on the right to ensure you receive your cash within 2 business days. We also offer pickup service in certain areas where we are located.

Is it legal to Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

The short answer is, yes. Test Strips are sold over the counter at most major retailers and you do not need a prescription to purchase them. The only test strips that CANNOT be sold are test strips paid for by Medicaid or Medicare.


How do you pay for items sent?

Immediate deposit into your PayPal or check mailed to you.

Do you pay for Damaged Boxes?

No, we do not. Damaged boxes will either by thrown away or returned to sender and sellers expense. If we feel the box can still be used, you will be reimbursed partially.

How much do you pay for shipping?

We pay up to $8 for 5-12 boxes, and up to $25 for 13-25 boxes. If you are shipping more then 25 boxes, please let us know and we will make arrangements.
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