How long does it take to receive my instant cash?

Same day, if you live near Philly, 2 days if you use our Priority 2 Day Shipping Label (we pay for it) and a few days, if you request a check mailed to you.

How long after you receive the Test Strips does it take to receive my instant cash?

As a safety precaution we say 2-5 days thru mail and instant to 1 day with Paypal . We generally start the process the same or next business day.

How much do you pay for shipping?

We pay up to $8 for 5-12 boxes, and up to $25 for 13-25 boxes. If you are shipping more then 25 boxes or with FedEx , please let us know and we will make arrangements.

Who pays for shipping and how do I receive my cash?

We pay for you to ship your strips to us, by buying a Priority 2 Day Shipping label and emailing it to you for you to print and tape onto a box with your strips.

Once we receive your strips,  you get paid by PayPal or check.

Do you pay for Damaged Boxes?

No, we do not. Damaged boxes will either by thrown away or returned to sender and sellers expense. If we feel the box can still be used, you will be reimbursed partially.

How do you pay for items sent?

Either in person with cash, by immediate PayPal direct deposit or check in the mail.

Is my information secured when calculation my earnings and entering my information?

Yes. All pages that ask for personal information are secured via SSL.

Can I donate my test strips?

Yes. Please include in the test strip form, that you would like to donate the strips you send in.

What is the maximum amount of boxes you can pay for?

There is no limit. We can pay for unlimited amounts of test strips as long as they are within a considerable expiration time.

If I have any questions and I need to reference my order when contacting you, how can I do that?

Please use your email address or the confirmation number given to you when you completed the test strip form transaction. That confirmation has been emailed to you, and is on the Test Strip Form packing slip.

Is it legal to Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

The short answer is, yes. Test Strips are sold over the counter at most major retailers and you do not need a prescription to purchase them. The only test strips that CANNOT be sold are test strips that have a red stripe that mentions Medicaid or Medicare.

I have a prescription for test strips from my medical insurance company, is it ok to sell these diabetic test strips?

Yes, you can sell these diabetic strips, as long as there is no labeling on them that has a red stripe that  mention medicaid of Medicare.

What CARRIER should I ship the test strips with? recommends Fedex for Fast shipment and USPS priority mail for shipping the boxes of Diabetic Test Strips. Ship time with USPS is usually between 3-4 business days. This is generally the cheapest way to ship and the priority boxes are free, sturdy and have a tracking number.

How should I ship the boxes?

Please place your items into a sturdy box and seal that box well. Items can get damaged in shipping and we don’t want to have to send them back with no reimbursement. Please make sure the test strips are safely firmly concealed in the box.

How should I remove my personal information from my test strips boxes?

Please take a felt tip pen or marker and cross out any personal information it may have. Do NOT remove your stickers. We have a special machine that removes them, and cannot reimburse for boxes that we receive damaged due to a sticker being removed.